The Master's Harvest

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," - Matt 28:19

The Master's Harvest

News Letter #16


On September 5th, 2016 we completed the Hopkinton State Fair at Hopkinton, New Hampshire.  We talked to 426 people over 5 days.

Several people from Faith Fellowship spent the day with us and made that possible, and we are grateful for their much needed assistance.

During the evening rush, we had 4 groups of test takers going at one time, 2 groups in the tent and 2 groups outside.

We talked to 173 people in one day, so we should consider renting a larger space next year.

We have met many people who feel that the murder or torture of children is acceptable behavior for other people.

It is not acceptable for them, of course, but they refuse to judge others and the proof of God by the existence of absolute moral laws does not work for them.

I am considering asking them if this is an absolute moral law: “It is wrong for one person to judge another person.”

In today’s relativistic world, that may be the only absolute moral law for some people.

We talked to the people in the Jehovah Witness booth at the fair.  We are persona-non-grata to them.

We showed them the Venn diagram of God and several Bible verses over a 1.5 hour discussion.

They claimed the question “Is Jesus a true or false god?” was not a legitimate question.

They never did explain if Jesus is a god, angel, human.  They seemed to imply He was a human with divine attributes.

If there is a next time, I’m going to ask: “How many divine attributes can a human have before he becomes a god?”

And “What was Jesus before He took on flesh and dwelt among us? Spirit? Angel?”

We talked to a former Baptist who became a Pagan.  He believes there has to be both a god and a goddess.

He said that women had to be created by a female god because women were too complicated for a male god to create.

I asked how he knew this.  He said he and his friends sat around and talked about it.  He quickly left after that answer.

You have to wonder if you are being trolled because it is hard to fathom that someone really believes these things are true.

I have come to the conclusion that I should ask everyone I talk to about their good deeds out-weighing their bad deeds.

This appears to be a common idea among both “Christians” and non-Christians. We gave away at least 50 copies of “Bible Verses – Salvation by Grace”.

I ask people to read Galatians 2:21, “I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, the Christ died in vain.”

Then I ask: “Do you want to stand before God on judgement day and tell Him that His Son’s sacrifice on the cross was not good enough for you?”

We talked to a young pregnant lady who came in with her boyfriend to take the test.  She listened to the Gospel and was greatly affected by it.

She shared that she was a recovering drug addict, who had a 1 year old son, and that she was struggling greatly in her life and needed to hear this.

She mentioned how strange it was that she should stop by our booth and hear the Gospel, since several bad things had happened in the past couple of weeks.

She thanked us warmly for everything.  We gave her a “Why Christianity?”, a New Testament, and the book “God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life.”

We talked for a long time to another young lady about serious personal issues.

She was very grateful and took a “Why Christianity?” and “Finding Help in the Bible.”

We will need the most help at our next large fair, the Deerfield Fair (NH).

If you are planing to join us at a fair, that one will have a lot of activity and opportunity to learn and practice.


God Bless,
David A. Leak



All the fairs we attended in 2015, we are attending in 2016.  Also, we applied for several new fairs and are waiting for a response:
           Fair                       2016 Dates                                    Web Site                                                             Status
ME: Clinton Lions Ag Fair    September 08-11                                           Paid

ME: Farmington Fair           September 18-24                                   Paid
NH: Deerfield Fair               Sept 29 – Oct 2                                                 Paid
ME: Fryeburg Fair               October 02-9                                                 New Application
NH: Sandwich Fair              October 08-10                                                New Application
MA: Topsfield Fair               October 08                                                                 Applied

Number of Days at Fairs:  About 50, depending upon which fairs we get in to.


Completed Fairs              Days at Fairs                               Web Site                                                             Total  

VT: Dairy Festival               June 03-05  (3)                                    49 people
VT: CVF Bradford Fair          July 14-17  (4)                                                         48 people

ME: Pittston Fair                 July 21-24  (4)                                                    84 people

NH: North Haverhill Fair      July 27-31  (5)                                278 people

NY: Ulster County Fair         August 02-07  (6)                                               465 people
VT: Addison County Fair      August 9-13  (5)                             221 people

NH: Cornish Fair                 August 19-21  (3)                                               152 people

ME: Acton Fair                    August 25-28  (4)                                                          127 people
NH: Hopkinton State Fair    September 01-05 (5)                                                      426 people


Year to Date Totals;  Days at Fairs: 39;  People talked to: 1850

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