The Master's Harvest

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," - Matt 28:19

The Master's Harvest

News Letter #15


On August 28th, 2016 we completed the Acton Fair at Acton, Maine.  We talked to 127 people over 4 days.

We talked to two girls, one a Pagan and on a Universal Unitarian.  Both were receptive to the Morality Argument for God.

One said “Oh, I get it.” when we explained it to her.  Both left agreeing that there might be a God.

This is the moral argument for God.  If the first 3 premises are true, then the conclusion has to be true.

1) All laws require a law giver.

2) All absolute or universal laws require an absolute or universal law giver.

3) There are universal laws. Ex. Don’t torture children for fun.

Conclusion:  There is an absolute or universal law giver.

This is discussed in more detail in the book, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist”.

We talked with another pagan who asked the question, “Who wrote the Bible?”.  We get this attack on the Bible a lot.

I answered that God told the humans what to write, and humans wrote the Bible.  I then answered a question with a question.

I asked “Who wrote your physics textbook? Chemistry? Biology? History? Do you trust them?”

I also used another argument for the esistance of God, I call the DNA/SETI analogy.  I goes like this:

The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program uses radio antenna to search for life in outer space.

What are they looking for?  Answer: A sequence of numbers or a non-random pattern of signals.

This indicates a language that is conveying information.

What is DNA?  Answer: A non-random pattern that conveys information.  So why isn’t DNA proof of Intelligence?

If we detected these signals, would we know what they mean? Answer: No.  We would have to learn the new language.

A newborn child will learn a language when someone shows them the meaning of each word, or pattern.

For DNA: Who taught the first living cell the meaning of the DNA patterns?  Who decided what each pattern meant?

When talking to Catholics, I learned that you should not say that “Salvation is by grace and not works.”

It starts an argument and many times they will not read the bible verses.

Through trial and error, I have found that I should ask them if they think good deeds or works earn salvation.

I then say something like “I have some bible verses that talk about salvation and works.”

I then show them the verses that explain that salvation can only be gained by grace.

This gets them to read at least the first three verses on the handout “Salvation by Grace”.

At the fair there were many church booths, the Gideons, and Child Evangelism Fellowship.

We met people from several churches in the area who stopped by and talked and encouraged us each day.

Pastor Bob stopped by on the last day and asked how it was going.  I explained we had not done as well as last year.

He replied that it is not about how many people you talk to, but each person is a divine appointment.

After we had taken down the tent, I was loading up a dolly the signs, tables and chairs to take to the car.

A very pregnant young girl walked up and wanted to take the test.  So I gave it to her standing there.

After the test, she explained that she was going to give her unborn daughter up for adoption.

She could not afford to take care of her.  I pointed out there was help available to care for newborns, like Carenet.

She divulged that she was sick, having an operation after childbirth, and would then be bed-ridden for 6 to 12 months.

I gave her a Bible and a copy of “Finding Help in the Bible”.  Please pray for her and all the people we talked to.

We will need the most help at the Hopkinton Fair (NH), and the Deerfield Fair (NH).

If you are planing to join us at a fair, those 2 fairs will have the most activity and opportunity to learn and practice.


God Bless,
David A. Leak



All the fairs we attended in 2015, we are attending in 2016.  Also, we applied for several new fairs and are waiting for a response:
           Fair                       2016 Dates                                    Web Site                                                             Status
NH: Hopkinton State Fair    September 01-05                                                         Paid
ME: Clinton Lions Ag Fair    September 08-11                                           Paid

ME: Farmington Fair           September 18-24                                 Accepted
NH: Deerfield Fair               Sept 29 – Oct 2                                                  Paid
ME: Fryeburg Fair               October 02-9                                                 New Application
NH: Sandwich Fair              October 08-10                                               New Application
MA: Topsfield Fair               October 08                                                                 Applied

Number of Days at Fairs:  About 50, depending upon which fairs we get in to.


Completed Fairs              Days at Fairs                               Web Site                                                             Total  

VT: Dairy Festival               June 03-05  (3)                                   49 people
VT: CVF Bradford Fair          July 14-17  (4)                                                         48 people

ME: Pittston Fair                 July 21-24  (4)                                                    84 people

NH: North Haverhill Fair      July 27-31  (5)                                278 people

NY: Ulster County Fair         August 02-07  (6)                                               465 people
VT: Addison County Fair      August 9-13  (5)                            221 people

NH: Cornish Fair                 August 19-21  (3)                                               152 people

ME: Acton Fair                    August 25-28  (4)                                                          127 people


Year to Date Totals;  Days at Fairs: 34;  People talked to: 1424

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