The Master's Harvest

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," - Matt 28:19

The Master's Harvest

News Letter #14


On August 13th, 2016 we completed the Addison County Fair and Field Days at Addison, Vermont.  
We talked to 221 people over 5 days.  There were a few church booths and the Gideons.
We met people from several churches in the area who stopped by and talked and encouraged us every day.
We had an encounter with an older Catholic women who got upset with us constantly quoting Scripture verses.
She exclaimed “Forget the Bible!!! Tell me what you think!!”.  We explained that Salvation can only come by hearing God’s Word.
And, apart from God’s word, our words would be insufficient.
We have been talking to a lot of Catholics this year, and we had a long conversation with a young woman and her boyfriend.  
The young woman absolutely refused to consider the idea that her good works were not getting her into heaven.
She rejected Christ’s full atonement for sin, saying that she had to do certain works to be saved. 
In James it says, “Law to the proud, and grace to the humble.”  Her pride was her stumbling block.  
She was positive that she was a good person going to heaven through her good deeds.
She was not moved at all by the Scripture verses demonstrating salvation by grace.  
We showed many verses to her, but she didn’t want to believe them.  
Eventually, she left, saying that she was a Catholic and wasn’t going to change.  
One young man, who had talked with us on one day, came back the following day and asked questions.  
He was searching for answers and we talked with him at some length.  
We had a very interesting encounter with a Native American woman, who believed in the old religion of her people.  
We had never talked with a person who had held those beliefs and were not sure what to say to her.  
But we did give the Good Person test to her and then listened as she explained some of her beliefs.
On August 21st, 2016 we completed the Cornish Fair at Cornish, New Hampshire.  
We talked to 152 people over 3 days.  Over the three days, we talked to several Atheists.
We are thankful for the knowledge we gained from the book, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” by Frank Turek and Norman Geisller.  
We also talked with a Pagan young man.  As he explained it, Pagans believe in the gods of Nature.
Those are the gods of the Greek Mythology, Chronos, Gaia, etc.  
As with the Wiccans, we explained that these gods, who were created, are false gods and that there is only one true God.
We will need the most help at the Hopkinton Fair (NH), and the Deerfield Fair (NH).
If you are planing to join us at a fair, those 2 fairs will have the most activity and opportunity to learn and practice.
God Bless,
David A. Leak

All the fairs we attended in 2015, we are attending in 2016.  Also, we applied for several new fairs and are waiting for a response:
           Fair                       2016 Dates                                    Web Site                                                             Status
ME: Acton Fair                    August 25-28                                                                 Paid
NH: Hopkinton State Fair    September 01-05                                                         Paid
ME: Clinton Lions Ag Fair    September 08-11                                           Paid

ME: Farmington Fair           September 18-24                                 Accepted
NH: Deerfield Fair               Sept 29 – Oct 2                                                  Paid
ME: Fryeburg Fair               October 02-9                                                 New Application
NH: Sandwich Fair              October 08-10                                               New Application
MA: Topsfield Fair               October 08                                                                 Applied

Number of Days at Fairs:  About 50, depending upon which fairs we get in to.
Completed Fairs              Days at Fairs                               Web Site                                                             Total  
VT: Dairy Festival               June 03-05  (3)                                   49 people
VT: CVF Bradford Fair          July 14-17  (4)                                                         48 people
ME: Pittston Fair                 July 21-24  (4)                                                    84 people

NH: North Haverhill Fair      July 27-31  (5)                                278 people

NY: Ulster County Fair         August 02-07  (6)                                               465 people
VT: Addison County Fair      August 9-13  (5)                            221 people

NH: Cornish Fair                 August 19-21  (3)                                               152 people

Year to Date Totals;  Days at Fairs: 30;  People talked to:  1297

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