The Master's Harvest

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," - Matt 28:19

The Master's Harvest

News Letter #12


On July 31st, 2016 we completed the North Haverhill Fair at North Haverhill, New Hampshire.
We talked to 278 people over 5 days.  This is almost 3 times more than we talked to last year (95).
If we had more workers, we could have bought a larger booth and given the test to more people.
We tested 105 people in one evening, with only 2 people giving the test.
Many people waited to be tested, but many walked away without hearing the gospel because of the wait.
We met many Dartmouth College students who were atheists.  They made these types of statements which are self contradictory:
    “You can not know anything”, which means you don’t know this statement is true;
    “There are no absolutes”, which means this statement is not absolute;
    “I do not have free will”, which I concluded with my free will and freely expressed.
We also met 3 Wiccan (witches) who worship the sun and moon and cast spells to keep good spirits in and to keep bad spirits out.
Spirits are not very powerful if any witch can force them to do what she wants.
They explained that the sun and moon gods were created when the sun and moon were created by evolution.
We explained that a created god is by definition a false god, because the creator has the real power.
I used the example of a pen which I can make a “god” to solve math problems, but is a lousy speller.
This same “god” in my daughter’s hand hates math and spells well.
They realized their “gods” were false gods and walked out.
Updated versions of the handouts for homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, and Salvation by Grace are below in PDF.
If you want a “.doc” or a “.pages” of the latest version, let me know.
The next 2 weeks will be the busiest of the year.  We travel to 2 fairs and will be at fairs for 12 of the next 14 days.
We will need the most help at the Ulster County Fair (NY), Addison County Fair (VT), Hopkinton Fair (NH), and the Deerfield Fair (NH).
If you are planing to join us at a fair, those 4 fairs will have the most activity and opportunity to learn and practice.
God Bless,
David A. Leak

All the fairs we attended in 2015, we are attending in 2016.  Also, we applied for several new fairs and are waiting for a response:
           Fair                       2016 Dates                                    Web Site                                                             Status
NY: Ulster County Fair         August 02-07                                   Run by Grace Bible Church, WF, NY
VT: Addison County Fair      August 9-13                                     Paid
NH: Cornish Fair                 August 18-21                                                       Paid
ME: Acton Fair                    August 24-28                                                                 Paid
NH: Hopkinton State Fair    September 01-05                                                         Paid
ME: Clinton Lions Ag Fair    September 08-11                                           Paid

ME: Oxford County Fair      September 14-17                                 New Application
ME: Farmington Fair           September 18-24                                 Accepted
NH: Deerfield Fair               Sept 29 – Oct 2                                                  Paid
ME: Fryeburg Fair               October 02-9                                                 New Application
NH: Sandwich Fair              October 08-10                                               New Application
MA: Topsfield Fair               October 08                                                                 Applied

Number of Days at Fairs:  About 50, depending upon which fairs we get in to.
Completed Fairs              Days at Fairs                               Web Site                                                             Total  
VT: Dairy Festival               June 03-05                                         49 people
VT: CVF Bradford Fair          July 14-17                                                               48 people
ME: Pittston Fair                 July 21-24                                                          84 people

NH: North Haverhill Fair      July 27-31                                       278 people

Year to Date Totals;  Days at Fairs: 16;  People talked to: 459

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