The Master's Harvest

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," - Matt 28:19

The Master's Harvest

News Letter #11

On July 24, 2016 we completed the Pittston Fair at Pittston, Maine.  We talked to 84 people over 4 days.
We met 2 deaf people, so I was glad for all the verses we had written down ahead of time.
We talked to an LDS/Morman who believed in salvation by grace, not of works, which was a surprise.
We learned from a couple of Seven Day Adventists that they do not believe in the existence of physical hell.
We met many Christians and they recommended the local churches listed below.
Life Community Church led the church service at the fair on Sunday.
During the night a storm blew down our tent.  See picture below.  We had a spare tent as we knew the tent was old.
Nothing was damaged but the tent frame, which was a total loss.
The next 3 weeks will be the busiest of the year.  We travel to 3 fairs and will be at fairs for 19 of the next 21 days.
We will need the most help at the Ulster County Fair (NY), Addison County Fair (VT), Hopkinton Fair (NH), and the Deerfield Fair (NH).
If you are planing to join us at a fair, those 4 fairs will have the most activity and opportunity to learn and practice.
God Bless,
David A. Leak

All the fairs we attended in 2015, we are attending in 2016.  Also, we applied for several new fairs and are waiting for a response:

Fair    –    2016 Dates    –    Web Site    –    Status
NH: North Haverhill Fair    –    July 27-31    –    –    Paid
NY: Ulster County Fair    –    August 02-07    –    –    Run by Grace Bible Church, WF, NY
VT: Addison County Fair    –    August 9-13    –    –    Paid
NH: Cornish Fair    –    August 18-21    –    –    Paid
ME: Acton Fair    –    August 24-28    –    –    Paid
NH: Hopkinton State Fair    –    September 01-05    –    –    Paid
ME: Clinton Lions Ag Fair    –    September 10-13    –    –    Paid
CT: Four Town Fair    –    September 15-18    –    –    New Application
VT: Tunbridge World’s Fair    –    September 15-18    –    –    New Application
ME: Farmington Fair    –    September 18-24    –    –    New Application
NH: Deerfield Fair    –    September 29 – Oct 2    –    –    Paid
ME: Fryeburg Fair    –    October 2-9    –    –    New Application
NH: Sandwich Fair    –    October 8-10    –    –    New Application
MA: Topsfield Fair    –    October 10    –    –    Applied

Number of Days at Fairs:  About 50, depending upon which fairs we get in to.

Completed Fairs              Days at Fairs                               Web Site                                                             Total  
VT: Dairy Festival               June 03-05                                         49 people
VT: CVF Bradford Fair          July 14-17                                                               48 people
ME: Pittston Fair                 July 21-24                                                          84 people
Year to Date Totals;  Days at Fairs: 11;  People talked to: 181
Churches Near Pittston Maine:
First Congregational Church of Pittston
21 Arnold Rd
Pittston, ME
Pastor Tim Clever

Fellowship Baptist Church
PO Box 200
237 Eastern Avenue
Augusta, Maine 04330
(207) 622-4817

Augusta Baptist Church
2567 North Belfast Avenue
Augusta, Maine 04330
Church (207) 622-5039
Parsonage (207) 626-0344
New Hope Baptist Church
268 Perham St, Farmington, ME 04938
(207) 778-6393
Hope Baptist Church
726 Western Ave
Manchester ME 04351
Life Community
279 Brunswick Ave
Gardiner, ME 04345
(207) 557-1434
Kennebec Community Church
Augusta, ME
(207) 623-0911
New Beginnings
392 Main St
Waterville, ME
Pastor Alan Imes
(207) 873-1554
Calvary Chapel Bangor Maine
154 River Road 
Orrington, ME 04474

Pastor Ken Graves

Calvary Chapel of Kenbeck Valley
165 Skowhegan Rd, Fairfield, ME 04975
Pastor Adam Kasprzak

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