The Master's Harvest

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," - Matt 28:19

The Master's Harvest

News Letter #2

Back in June we had our booth at the Vermont Dairy Festival in Enosburg Falls, VT. We spoke with about 80 people.
Some were concerned about dying. Another, a former christian, is now an atheist.
Please pray that the people we talked to read the tracts, and find or continue with a Bible study.
We gave several people the write-up “How to Find Help in the Bible” written by Pastor Scott Harris.
I have that info in a word document and a PDF file, so contact me if you would like it in that format.
We also talked at length to two Jehovah Witnesses and used the info from “The Deity of Christ”, also by Pastor Scott Harris.
One of the two Jehovah Witness admitted that we had a point about Jesus accepting worship as a god.
We also used the info from the “The Humanity of Christ”, also by Pastor Scott Harris.
Several local christians we met at the fair helped us make a list of local pastors and churches.  Thank you.
We gave that list out to visitors who were looking for a local church to attend.
One of the other groups doing outreach at the fair is called the “Fellowship of Christian Farmers.”
They hand out free walking sticks with the “wordless book”, in bead form on the handle.  Their web site is
And the walking stick program is found at
Other groups were handing out bibles and one was supporting the pro-life cause.
A town church handed out tracts on the parade route and had a booth with “The 3 Things God has never seen”.
They had several baptism’s that Sunday, so praise God that the local churches are growing.
The festival is held in the center of town with about 40 vendors and a midway in the adjacent high school parking lot.
There was a Sunday service held on the fair grounds by the town church.
The pastor/speaker was also the ventriloquist act hired to perform at the fair.
He goes to fairs in the summer and incorporates biblical outreach in his ventriloquist act.
He used all his props from his fair act during his Sunday service.
So “the gospel message was delivered by a dummy”, a line he used in his sermon.
If you have suggestions about this newsletter or our website please reply back or contact us at .
I am planning to post church info, outreach books, tracts, sermons, etc on “Resource” pages on our web site.
Please send the links to your church and/or your web pages with outreach/apologetics/bible help information, if you want us to list them.
The fairs we are attending or hope to attend this year are listed below.
Please drop in to see us again if you attend any of these fairs.  If you know of a good fair for outreach, let us know.
If you want to join us at one of the fairs and help out, let us know so we can send you some training information.
Please forward this newsletter to anyone that is interested in doing outreach.
Have them contact us by e-mail or through the web site
God Bless,
David A. Leak
Fair Dates Confirmed:
VT: CVF Bradford Fair   July 16-19 (New)

NH: North Haverhill Fair   July 22-26  (New: We will do our own booth.)
NY: Ulster County Fair     July 28-August 02  (Booth run by another church.)
ME: Topsham Fair        August 04-09 (Maybe)
NH: Cornish Fair           August 21-23
ME: Acton Fair              August 27-30  (New)

NH: Hopkinton State Fair   September 04-07
NY: East Fishkill Town Day September 21
MA: Topsfield Fair October 02-12
Fair Dates Requested:
CT: Hartford County 4H Fair August 14-16
CT: Hebron Harvest Fair September 10-13
CT: Four Town Fair  September 17-20
NH: Deerfield Fair    October 01-04
NH: Sandwhich Fair   October 10-12 (Turned Down.  No political or religious booths allowed)

For many fairs we have requested an application and are waiting for available space.

These fairs will not contact us until July, if they contact us at all.
MA: Franklin Co Fair or ME: Clinton Lions Ag Fair or ME: Litchfield Fair on September 10-13
VT: Tunbridge World’s Fair or ME: New Portland Lions Fair or CT: Guilford Fair on September 17-20
ME: Farmington Fair on September 20-26
CT: Durham Fair or ME: Common Ground Fair on September 24-27
ME: Fryeburg Fair on October 04-11
CT: Portland Fair  on October 10-12
NY: Wappingers Falls Town Day  on Dates Unknown at this time.

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